Steps to login.

  1. Please Apply for internet Banking at your Branch

2.a     Collect Internet Banking Login Id (Customer Number) from Branch

2.b    Collect sealed envelop containing Login Pin (Q pin starting with Q) Transaction Pin (T pin Starting with T) from Branch

3.Steps to Login

     (1)     Go to

     (2)     Click on Internet Banking "Login" 

 4. In the box of User Login, enter Customer Number collected from the Branch and Login Pin (Qpin--Starting with character Q) and click on submit button.

 5.At first Login system will force user to change Login & Transaction pin. 

  • Enter Old Login pin (Qpin) in field Old Login pin

  • Enter New Login pin consisting of 8 to 8 characters with 1 special characters (like @, %, # etc) in field New Login pin.

  • Enter same New Login Pin in fields Confirm Login pin.

  • Enter Old Transaction pin (Tpin--Starting with charcter T) in field Old Transaction pin.

  • Enter New transaction pin consisting of 8 to 8 characters with 1 special character (like @,%,# etc) in field New transaction pin.

  • (Please note that the Transaction pin should not be same as Login pin.)

  • Enter same New Transaction Pin in field Confirm Transaction pin

  •  Click on "I agree button"

  • Press OK

  • You will get message " Login  & Transaction pin changed successfully ".

  • you will get message of logoff, Click "OK" and relogin with new browser.